Entering a New Request

  1. At the main screen, press .

  2. The New Window appears:


Note: The blue fields indicate Required entries.

  1. Complete the fields and enter text into the text box.

  2. Press .

The following table describes the fields used in the SR Information pane.

SR Screen Parameters

Field Title


Creator Login Id of the person entering the request.
Description Description of the request of up to 60 characters (becomes the title).
Status Current status of request. When you enter a request, SBN sets the status to new.
Requested By Open text field of up to 40 characters to list name(s) of person entering request.
Company Select company number from menu.

Select the type of request.

Date Entry date.
Priority Determined by the nature of the request. The range is from 1 to 9, with 1 being the highest and 9 being the lowest.
Category Select the module or system affected by the request.
Email Address (Group)

Email address for response or Group name.

  • Please contact IBS to setup Group members.
Program SBN Program number affected by the request.
Release Release number currently used on the system being reported.
Server Name of the server used for the issue being reported.
CPU Designation of computer used for the issue being reported.
Module Section of SBN affected by the request.
Accepted Checkmark indicates the SR has been accepted by the customer. (In New Mode, the checkmark is unavailable).
Confidential Checkmark restricts viewing of SR to the USER who entered the request.